Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Family, love and all that stuff

I don't often post Maternity, or Family photos...the adults are often shy about having their photos plastered all over the place and fair enough...even though they look gorgeous!

This Mama was particularly brave, I could tell she was really nervous about having her photo know I'm the same? I love being behind the lens but in front of it I don't know how to sit or look or smile.  I'm not going to post their family photos, or those with dad and the kids, trust me they are gorgeous too, but this one photo makes me tear up every time I see it.

Because she was there, she showed up and braved up and had her photo taken with partner and kids, her beautiful family and you know what makes me cry as I write this? Those children will get so much from these photos...the love and adoration their parents have for them and one another just seeps out from the photos on the wall and into the subconscious minds of those little ones as they grow up. Children are more centred, balanced and confident when they grow up with photos of themselves on display, and photos where your parents are loving on you - that just gets under your skin and says "I'm loved, I'm lovable" such huge and powerful messages from a seemingly small photo on the wall.

Thanks Nicole and family.

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