Thursday, 10 August 2017

We are here

2016 was my first proper year in the business of portrait photography. I was very busy with gorgeous newborns, toddlers and families and I loved it.

However, as a family, we had big plans going on in the background. we had decided that in 2019 we would buy our dream home on some land near Dunedin. We wanted some peace, some space and to live closer to nature.

Cue New Years Eve 2016 and we are standing in front of our dream home and land, the views are spectacular, the land more than we could ever hope for. So we made a decision right then and there, this home would be ours and we would deal with whatever came our way in order to secure it.

Whoops!! 2019 went out the window!

I had to close my studio as we had 3 months to get our Auckland house ready for sale, and I had no time for anything else but tiling, painting, gardening etc.

We moved into our house at Taieri Mouth in May and have spent the past couple of months settling into the house, putting our mark on it. Discovering our land and welcoming a small number of animals to share it with us. I will talk more about them as time passes.

I have a lovely, modern, light filled studio to share with you. In summer we can step out the door to the studio garden where we can photograph baby amongst the flowers, or we can wander amongst the trees or meadows and enjoy the amazing light.

We have beautiful beaches for sunrise and sunset maternity shoots, golden hay meadows for golden hour family or portrait shots, groves of trees and rock formations for moody moments. 

You can come to the main studio for the full experience or I can come to you, we can meet on location, or you can bring your newborn baby to my satellite newborn studio in central Dunedin.

I am very flexible and enjoy working with my clients to create their vision of a perfect family photo, give me a call or message me and we can talk about what you want.

I'm here now, let's do this!

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